Saturday, September 11, 2010

A New Chapter

I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on my dad, it has been two months since I posted. Since things have settled down a bit here are a few more pics and an update. We are officially residents of Dallas, though we are still squatting in Pam and Steve’s house (thanks y’all, we love you). This last Thursday our house closed in Houston, making us non-homeowners. We are overjoyed! It was a long stressful summer looking for jobs, childcare, and a buyer. We feel so blessed that “the hard part” is behind us.
Cooper is enjoying his “new school” as he calls it and seems amenable to the idea of getting another new school when we purchase a house here. He is in a Montessori which suits his learning style and curiosity to try things out. In fact, they are moving him up to the next class next week (just more proof that he may be a genius). He doesn't want much for his birthday, just a new house he says. really, he wants all his toys out of storage, especially the train table. He wants to be either Buzz Lightyear or a bat for Halloween. "Maggie can be a cowgirl, Pam can be a princess, and Steve can be an indian," says Cooper. No ideas for mommy and daddy yet.

Maggie has been less flexible about the move. She has started to throw fits and breaks down crying when she has to go to school. She spends three days a week with Pam and two at the same school with Cooper. We think she has a hard time not being the star of the show! With Pam and at Mary’s (we miss you Mary and Dave!) she pretty much had undivided attention from at least one adult all the time…she is getting better and seems to be slowly grasping the idea that this is the new normal. But school is not her favorite. She loves being home with Pam (and Steve) trying on shoes, doing hair, talking on the phone, sitting by the pool, playing with Sammie, running errands and charming store clerks. Shaun and I are both adjusting to our new jobs. It is way different starting in a new place, new home, new job…with kids this time. For some reason, when we moved I thought this move would be like the other big ones I’ve done (CA to MD then MD to CA then CA to TX). I was wrong! I hate change (a lot like Mags) and this has been a huge one! I am getting the hang of school and commute, getting lost less and finding myself smiling more. Shaun’s new district is fabulous! He loves it but is also finding himself hard at work learning all the new nuisances and policies. Our plan is to buy a house in the next few weeks and get settled in a permanent routine. We will miss Pam and Steve and their beautiful house but it will be nice to have our own place again! We will update when we have more news!

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Rachel Spezzapria said...

Wow...can't believe you guys are in Dallas. Houston will miss you. Good luck finding a new house and many blessings for your family and this new phase of life. Much love!