Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Cooper

Cooper is 5! We had such a fun Toy Story Party. He chose to have it at the house. We rented a bounce house slide and had about 15 kids here. The morning of he decided he didn't want the store bought cake we ordered, he wanted one like I made daddy (a rainbow chip frosting and funfetti cake). I've always made his cakes but this year I thought he'd like a professional cake...I was wrong. So I scrambled and made quick cake and it all turned out fine.
It's hard to believe how big he is some days. He's incredibly smart and picks up on everything. Thus we have to be really careful about what we say around him because he remembers! He excels in his Pre-K class and has even spread his wings in the area of behavior. He no longer has green conduct marks everyday. In fact, he's had a couple reds (the worst). Two weeks ago he got one for punching a kid in the face! The same week, he kissed a little girl on the slide. He's growing up fastand reaching milestones everyday (good and bad). We are trying to cherish every moment because these first five years have flown by. Happy Birthday, baby boy! Thanks for making me a mommy!

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