Sunday, July 11, 2010

Writing, swimming, moving, drooping

Here are some recent pictures of the kids. We took another trip to Dallas. I signed my contract and did finger printing. We also had time to play in the pool, visit the rain forest cafe and spend lots of time with Pam and Steve. I think our next trip might be the big move. Our house is still for sale...almost 60 days now. We have our fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed....this house needs to sell soon!

Maggie is walking like a to come. Her lonely two bottom teeth now have a friend up top and are awaiting another arrival soon. Cooper is growing so fast and got a long overdue haircut. Today, was the first time he wore a tie to church without fussing...he is getting so big.

Cooper brought this to Shaun a couple of days ago. We, of course, think he's brilliant at 3 and half years old, this is pretty good!

I just think this kid is so beautiful!

Train ride around the mall!
Maggie was born with ptosis of her left eye. It is a slight drooping eyelid that the doctors are watching. It actually doesn't fall in her sight line so any repairs would be cosmetic. I noticed within hours of her birth. Doctors told me she as pressed up against my pelvic bone and it would resolve on it's own. It has gotten better and we have exercises we do to strengthen the muscle. It is really most noticeable when she is tired. Our options are surgery, patching the "good eye", or just waiting to see if it recovers on it's own. We have chosen the latter. If it is still noticeable when she is old enough to care, we'll let her choose to have surgery. Until then, pics like this make me laugh because it makes her look like she is giving such attitude!


Papa Randy said...

Writing, swimming. moving, and drooping. It's all very interesting to me. Keep up the updates. Can't wait to get together. Love those kidos, and the parents too!!!!

sgwinfrey said...

Cooper is a smarty pants. I'm very impressed. I'm hoping you sell that house. It took us 7months to get rid of ours! Mags is a doll, I loved her on that treadmill, she looked like she was enjoying it. I miss you guys. Good luck with the move up to Dallas.